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Ultimate Survival Skills Guide

     When it comes to survival everyone knows that you must have essentials.Water shelter and food. But what would you do if you were caught off guard and ended up in a survival situation without any of the basics?
     Craig and Pete share how to survive in ANY situation! This is really a must see. I had to pass it along for you to check out for yourself.
     See their amazing survival tricks and ask yourself if you would have thought of that!

See All Of The Secrets To Surviving Any Situation
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“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.”
Howard Ruff (born 1931)
     Howard Ruff is a leading author on finance and he has focused mainly on survival during his entire career. While considered paranoid by many of the skeptics, there can be little doubt over this quote of his. Whether you talk about earning money, or fighting your way out of a depression, good preparation can really allow you to survive beating all the odds.  Planning beforehand for dealing with any crisis situation can actually be the difference between life and death. 
      Although an emergency may arise the very next second, but already preparing for it could easily enable you to overcome the problems and to minimize the damage.  There can be countless examples of precaution when it comes to dealing with danger. We install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in our offices and homes to make sure that we can effectively detect and put out a fire. Fire fighting services operate in almost every city of the world just to fight this frequently occurring hazard. And this is just one example.  Our world is full of risks, which could potentially jeopardize our very lives. And in a way, it is a blessing that we are aware of the dangers that could be encountered by us, because it gives us an opportunity to prepare for them and to make all the efforts to fight the odds when living does not remain as comfortable as our everyday lives.
     We have seen a number of examples in the recent past that people were hit by disasters when they least expected them. Let it be the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in New York and Washington D. C. in 2001, let it be the 2005 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster or the recent earthquake in Chile which occurred in late February 2010. Thousands lost their lives just because they were not prepared.  And just knowing about the coming disaster does not help at times as well. Consider the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in New Orleans in 2005. Millions knew that the worst storm to hit the area in a century is heading
straight their way, but many of them could do nothing but to wait for the worst parts of storms to hit their homes.

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Co-Authors - Craig Stringham and Pete Lawson
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