Friday, January 25, 2013

Mini Peach Cobblers

Mini Peach Cobblers

Let’s talk food! One of my many obsessions is miniatures. Sweet, little, adorable, teeny, tiny miniatures. I just can not help but squeal when I see something mini… so, of course, an edible miniature is just the best invention ever… EVER! Any recipe I get my hands on I try to miniaturize it. This my friends, is one of those recipes. It is my mother’s peach cobbler recipe and it is amazing. Easy, amazing, and now… miniature. I hope you enjoy… and listen, if you are not just enamored by mini’s like I am, you can make this recipe in a regular 9×11 casserole dish. But I can’t lie, it’s really cute this way! Really cute!
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