Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets; ammo rationing imminent

Ammo Shortage

Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets; ammo rationing imminent

(NaturalNews) One of the great myths of modern society is that the police are heavily armed and have both ammo and personnel in huge numbers. In reality, it’s quite the opposite: police and sheriffs are dangerously under-staffed all across the country in nearly every city and town. Furthermore, severe budget cuts have left law enforcement with dwindling ammunition supplies. In some departments, it’s so bad that nearly the only ammo available is what officers are carrying on their duty belts.

And now it has just gotten far worse.
Thanks to outrageous Sandy Hook fear mongering by the mainstream media and political operatives like Feinstein, Obama, Cuomo and others, the American people have been rushing out to buy up every bullet, every rifle, every handgun and very nearly every gun-related product in the country. This is all because people like Biden, Obama and Feinstein are openly declaring war on the Second Amendment and threatening to outlaw or restrict firearms, magazines and ammunition.
“Channel 2 Action News has learned local police departments cannot get their hands on the ammunition they need,” reports WSBTV in Atlanta.
WSBTV continues:
“There’s been more demand for ammunition than there’s ever been,” reports Jay Wallace, owner of Smyrna Police Distributors in Cobb County. Wallace is now worried some departments could have to wait up to a year for factories to ship certain kinds of rounds in bulk. Leaders with most [police] departments … said they’re prepared to handle short shortages, but not long-term. “We’re going be starting to get very concerned at the six-month level if that’s all we have in stock, because then we have to start planning and rationing.Rationing?
Yep. It’s here already, and the global debt collapse hasn’t even begun yet!

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