Friday, January 25, 2013

Wilderness Survival eBook & Audio MP3

Wilderness Survival eBook & Audio MP3

How Would I Survive That?” 
Are You Planning a Wilderness Trek?
Would You Like to Know Survival Tips for an emergency?
do you know what YOU'D do if you were left with NOTHING?

Learn Survival Tips That Could SAVE Your Life!

Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Whether you're planning a trip or just want to be prepared for an emergency - Knowing what to do could mean the difference between life and death! What would you do if your car crashed or was caught in bad weather? What if an afternoon trek in the woods lasted all night? What would YOU do?
Knowing what steps to take and what common mistakes to avoid is critically important for anyone in an emergency. If you regularly spend time in remote areas it is even more important for you to prepare yourself for the unexpected. These skills are a MUST HAVE!
Prepare Now - Before it's Too Late!
Don't wait for an emergency - take time to arm yourself NOW! Knowledge of how to care for yourself and others can come in handy anytime - a natural disaster, on the scene of an accident, or even a pleasure trip into the woods.
Imagine the peace of mind you'll have. When you prepare yourself you can enjoy greater peace of mind and security because you not only have the tools on hand, but you have a plan. Even when you don't have access to supplies, you can learn skills to help you find food, water, shelter and care for medical emergencies.
Who will you save? You never know when these skills will be called on, but what a relief when you ARE faced with a situation where no one knows what to do - but YOU have the answers!
"Natural Disaster - Accident - Hiking Trips”
Why risk the chance that you'll need the survival skills in any of these situations? You're looking for answers now - and that means you already know how important it is. 
What you do next could mean the difference between a rescue or a tragedy. Protect yourself by learning now...
What to do - Wilderness Survival Tips
Your Insurance Against Disaster...
The Dangers of the Wilderness
Learn the common dangers of hiking, or being lost, in the wilderness
What to Do Before Planning a Wilderness Trek
Learn how to plan a trip so you have the best chance to avert disaster
What to Do if You Are Lost Without Emergency Supplies
Find out how to care for yourself and others if you DON'T have supplies
How to Survive In a Vehicle
Check out how to best make use of a vehicle if you're trapped or can't drive.
How to Build a Fire in the Wilderness
Learn the basic skill of starting a fire when you need it
How to Help Rescuers Find You
Learn common mistakes that make it hard to find you - and what you SHOULD do
Survival Tips for Winter Weather
Learn the special survival tips you'll need during winter weather
Survival Tips for Summer Weather
Find out how to survive in summer weather
What to Wear When Hiking in the Wilderness
Protect yourself in advance by wearing the RIGHT clothes in the wilderness
What Emergency Supplies You Should Carry
Find out the basic emergency supplies you should have on hand
Best Food and Water Supplies to Bring
Get tips on the best way to feed and hydrate yourself on a wilderness trip
How to Find Food and Water if You Don't Have Any
Learn the important skill of finding food and water in an emergency
How to Prepare a Shelter in the Wilderness
For fun or emergency - learn how to build a shelter
What You’ll Also Get…
How to Treat Minor Injuries in the Wilderness
Learn how to deal with minor injuries when you're far away from help
How to Face Your Fear if You Are Lost in the Wilderness
Learn the danger of letting fear take control and how you can stop it

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