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10 Best Meat Rabbit Breeds for Homesteads

Flemish Giants
Rabbits, as cute as they look, they can even taste better when eaten! Rabbit meats is very commonly consumed all over the world and is used in making different delicious dishes which might include soups, stews, barbecue and roasting of the meat. You may find many Rabbit breeds for meat which is not only suitable for consumption of adults but also for kids. Rabbits are one of those animals or pets which can be easily raised and their maintenance and other expenses are very economical. You can build Rabbit hutch by looking at different Rabbit hutches plans on the internet, and the items needed are usually those which are available at home or can be purchased at a low cost rather than purchasing a commercial hutch which is comparatively expensive. The feeding of the Rabbits is not expensive either and so you can easily raise them for food or just having them as pets, however remember that not all Rabbit breeds are suitable for eating but only a few types of meat Rabbits.
The Rabbit meat falls in the category of white meat and is safe for consumption by people who are suffering from different diseases and also for those people who are on a strict diet and are cutting down fats in their diet. Rabbit is one of the best white meat which is available in the market and has many benefits. They have digestible protein which is low on fat; in fact they are almost fat less. Since there is no fat, the meat of Rabbit contains low calories and is cholesterol free making it highly recommended for cardiac patients, those who have cholesterol problems and those who are on a diet and want to lose weight. Another benefit of Rabbit meat is that they comparatively have lower sodium content which makes them safe for consumption by those people who have blood pressure problem due to sodium intolerance. Rabbit meat also have a good amount of phosphorus and calcium, it helps in normalizing the metabolism and is also highly recommended for cancer patients going under radiation therapy because it lowers the dose. If you are suffering from atherosclerosis, eating Rabbit meat on a regular basis can actually prevent it.
People slaughter the Rabbits, the skin and the meat goes for consumption whereas the fur goes for making of different items. Unlike other animals, inbreeding can occur in the Rabbits and there is no harm in it, they won’t be prone top diseases or have deformation in their offspring. Raising Rabbits for food can be a good and money making activity. If you are thinking about raising them, then here are 10 best meat Rabbit breeds list:
  1) New Zealand Whites:
This is one of the most common rabbit breed used for meat and tops the best rabbit meat in the USA, you may find a variety of signature dishes from this breed’s ,eat. The meat can weigh 9 to 12 pounds.
New Zealand Whites 2) Californian Rabbits:
These were developed by crossing of Chinchilla and New Zealand Whites. They have white fur with black spots and are known for their blocky and good production of meat. They can weigh around 8 to 12 pounds.
  3) The American Chinchilla:
This is one of the best Rabbits for meat and looks very much like a Chinchilla however is larger in size. They have a stocky body and the meat may weigh up to 9 pounds. The deep lion are preferred best for roasting and barbeque.
The American Chinchilla
       4) Silver Foxes:
These are great homestead rabbit and also fall in the fancy category and for producing meat. These breed are also very rare and may weigh 10 to 12 pounds. As the name suggest, they have silver body with black shading, just like a silver fox.

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Silver Foxes
       5) Champagne D Argent:
This historic yet attractive Rabbit has been used for meat since 1631. Their meat is loved all over the world and is perfect for homestead. They are available in white, creme and chocolate colors.
Champagne D Argent
       6) Cinnamons Rabbits:
This is a cross bred between the New Zealand White and American Chinchilla. Having the physical appearance and sturdy body of both of the breeds, this Rabbit breed produces a good quantity of meat and are bred commercially for meat.
        7) Satins rabbits:
These are large and heavy breeds which are considered for producing a good amount of meat. These are also prefect raising Rabbits for meat as homestead. These medium large sized Rabbits are available in blue, black, copper, chocolate, red, Siamese and otter colors.
Satins rabbits
        8) Rex Rabbits:
These soft and plush Rabbits were developed for the purpose of fur and meat. When mature, they may weigh around 8 to 10 pounds and may come in a variety of blue, amber and spotted patterns ion their color. The Rex can make some good meat and is perfect for homestead.
Rex Rabbits
     9) Palomino Rabbits:
These are good meat rabbit for homestead and are also bred commercially for meat purpose. They have a good temper and so can be great homestead and may weigh 8 to 11 pounds.
Palomino Rabbits
10) Flemish Giants:
As the name suggests, these Rabbits are giant in their size and may above 20 pounds. They have a large body with broad skeleton structure and according to this size they also eat more. This breed can also be best for homestead.


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