Tuesday, December 18, 2012

30 Year Old Powdered Milk

     Yesterday, I was given a can of powdered milk that was produced by San Andy about 30 years ago.  Being interested in long-term storage foods I had to open it and do a taste test.
      Now San Andy is a company thats been around for a long time.  I first encountered them in the late 1960’s.  Since then they seem to come and go.
     The can I was given had no damage and appeared to be in good condition.  It was labeled United Commodities International with the words San Andy underneath.  When I went to open the can I noticed it was made of a much heavier gage metal than I currently encounter.  There was no oxygen absorber in the can and it showed on the label that “A stabilized Storage Atmosphere introduced as packed”.
     The contents of the can looked fine, but I noticed a slight odor of rancidity.  It was faint so I mixed some up and taste tested it.  The taste was not bad considering its age.  In an emergency, it could be used.
My friend had several cases of this milk, my recommendations to him were to keep the rest in his storage.  But consider it second rate.  It could be used to help others or to feed animals........



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