Friday, December 7, 2012

How To Keep Chickens Laying throughout Winter

Fresh Eggs are a valuable backyard commodity. Hens start laying when it warms up in spring and lay eggs each day through the summer months; they stop laying in winter. However, there is a remedy that's not too difficult to set up that will keep hens laying through winter.


Install several lights at various points in your coop to ensure that the chickens get as much light as they get naturally during the summer months.

Set the lights on a timer that allows them to stay on 14 or 15 hours per day to compensate for the extra hours of darkness of winter.

Spike the chickens' water with Cayenne pepper to give them a warm feeling similar to summertime.

Feed your chickens extra protein and plenty of egg-laying crumbles

Worm and delouse your chickens to keep them in good condition.


Additional Note to Article:

You can also feed your chickens ground course pepper as a treat. This is similar to the Cayenne pepper trick above.

I DO NOT recommend adding heat lamps to your chicken coop due to risk of fire

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