Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Body Hollow

(As featured in the May 2007 issue of Practically Seeking)

This style of shelter is an easy step up from the most basic idea of burrowing down into a big pile of leaves for warmth or protection from the elements.


  • Quick to construct
  • Will keep you warm and dry
  • Takes far less time and materials than a full-on debris hut.


  • Can be tricky to keep water-tight in a heavy rain

Other Uses:

  • Makes a great "hide" or ground blind when hunting with firearms
  • Good short-term cache (for non-food items)
  • Adaptable to a wide variey of terrains and conditions
  • Snug — Needs no other heat source
  • Camouflages very well into the landscape (See how our completed Body Hollow shelter blends into the surrounding area)
Wonder how well this simple shelter would really hold up? Check out our post-Nor'easter pics!

Step-by-step instructions for building this quick, easy-to-construct shelter.


The Body Hollow shelter blends well into the surrounding landscape


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