Saturday, December 8, 2012

Verizon Seeking Plans To Spy On You

Verizon Seeks to Spy on Your Private Conversations: THEY WANT TO MONITOR YOU IN YOUR OWN HOME!

It’s no secret that pretty much anything we say and do is probably monitored by someone at some level. Americans have slowly given up their right to privacy in favor of modern convenience and technology. Although most Americans seem blissfully in favor of giving up their privacy, up until now most would probably object to someone listening in on their private conversations at home.
If Verizon has their way, that may soon change:
If Verizon has their way, the once thought private sanctuary of your home may not be private for much longer. Verizon has applied for a patent to bug your home through what they’re calling “access devices” in order to better target you with their advertisements.
The Patent looks to introduce smart cable boxes, smart phones and DVR boxes that would be able to monitor everything you do. The access devices would become self-aware and listen for everything from fights with your spouse, to private pillow talk in order to serve up targeted ads.
If that doesn’t creep you out, the words from their patent should:
To illustrate, an exemplary ambient action may include the user eating, exercising, laughing, reading, sleeping, talking, singing, humming, cleaning, playing a musical instrument, performing any other suitable action, and/or engaging in any other physical activity during the presentation of the media content. In certain examples, the ambient action may include an interaction by the user with another user (e.g., another user physically located in the same room as the user).
To illustrate, the ambient action may include the user talking to, cuddling with, fighting with, wrestling with, playing a game with, competing with, and/or otherwise interacting with the other user.
In further examples, the ambient action may include the user interacting with a separate media content access device (e.g., a media content access device separate from the media content access device presenting the media content). For example, the ambient action may include the user interacting with a mobile device (e.g., a mobile phone device, a tablet computer, a laptop computer, etc.) during the presentation of a media content program by a set-top box (“STB”) device.
How long will Americans allow themselves to become lab rats for these companies? Not only does this cross the line from privacy into the realm of downright creepy, but how long will it take for the government to demand access to these private conversations?
With the growing symbiotic relationship between these tech companies and the federal government, it’s highly likely that all of this information will eventually find its way into the hands of some bureaucrat in the federal government. After last weeks attempt by the United States Senate to access your private email and social media conversations, I don’t think it’s a far leap to think they would go after your private conversations at home.


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  1. If Verizon goes through with this I would have to seriously cancel my service ..crossing the line is a understatement if this gets approved!