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DNC Worried About Obama’s Impeachment

The DNC Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The DNC Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out a paranoid email Saturday evening urging supporters to vote for Democrats so that Republicans can’t impeach President Obama.
The email, subject line “Impeachment,” was sent to Obama for America supporters, imploring them to contribute to the DNC’s 2014 efforts. “What do these people all have in common?,” the email asked, featuring quotes from Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan, and Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas discussing the possibility of impeaching Obama for one of his numerous instances of presidential misconduct.

Seal Commander Says Special Operations Assault On Obama Has Begun!

Last week saw US Military Special Forces be raised to the forefront of the political picture. Retired Navy Seal Commander Ryan Zinke stepped up and says that the Special Operations Assault on President Obama has just begun.
Last week it seemed like your typical week in the saga of President Obama accusing Republicans of unfairly criticizing him over the Benghazi situation and leaked classified information.  Trouble is, it wasn’t the pesky Republicans he should have been blaming for the attack on his presidency. It is not an unfair assessment either, considering the sources.
Ryan Zinke is a retired Navy Seal Commander. He wasn’t the commander of just any Seal Team, he was the commander of Seal Team Six. He is now a Montana State Senator and has launched his own personal finances at starting the new Super Pac, Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. Along with the now fired Generals that say they are watching President Obama, his new organization is doing more than saying that President Obama leaked National Security information  and unfairly took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, they intend to prove it.
In a fired up interview with Politicker, Mr. Zinke spoke rather candidly about the feelings of many former military and Special Operations members.
“There’s a number of groups out there. I think what it demonstrates is, there’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of concern among the former military community.”~Ryan Zinke
He stated that a lot of the anger stemmed from a lot of White House leaks of classified information that got people killed and a television add by former President William J. Clinton that questioned if Mitt Romney would have made the call to get Bin Laden. He said it has snow balled from there.
Here is the add he said started a lot of military anger back in 2012.

“I think there is huge concern that the administration is using and continues to leak class documents for less than–well, for political gain,” said Mr. Zinke. “I think when the commercial came out with President Clinton and President Obama, and they talked about the political ramifications of failure, they didn’t talk about the families that would be left without a father. They talked about political consequences—that was a bridge too far.”~Last Great Stand
He also criticized the leaking of classified information to make the film Zero Dark 30.
There’s a lot of reasons you can release classified information, a lot of justifiable reasons, but making a movie for political gain isn’t one of them,” Mr. Zinke said.
According to Mr. Zinke, there are currently at least four other anti-Obama groups made up of former elite military operatives: Special Operations SpeaksVeterans for a Strong America, Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. and his group, Special Operations for America. He said he expects that number to climb. Because active-duty soldiers are barred from engaging in political activity, Mr. Zinke believes it is especially important for retired military personnel to speak up.
“It’s really incumbent upon the retired guys to articulate a message. You look at the approval ratings of the president, Congress is in single-digits, the president is not far behind, and I think Americans still appreciate the credibility of our military,” he said.~ Last Great Stand
As for Obama calling for everyone making “swift boat” attacks on his administration, Mr. Zinke had something to say about that too.
There’s going to be attempts to discredit,” Mr. Zinke said. “I guess when you take a stand, you expose yourself to rocks. And so be it.”
For his part, Mr. Zinke said his organization is “not swift boat.”
“I can speak for SOFA—we are not swift boat in that what we are articulat[ing] is factual, and we’re very careful not to make personal attacks. We are making a complete argument of why the administration’s actions and policies are not in the best interests of national defense and national security,” said Mr. Zinke.
Special Operations for America’s upcoming plans include a television commercial. Mr. Zinke said the ad would be “edgy,” but wouldn’t be “a personal attack.”
“I don’t stoop to personal attacks,” he said. “You know, I’m not from Chicago. In Montana, we do things a little differently.”~ Last Great Stand


Friday, December 27, 2013

Wall Street Advisor Advocates Survival Prepping

A top financial advisor, worried that Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster, is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive.

David John Marotta, a Wall Street expert and financial advisor and Forbes contributor, in a article to investors titled "Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse" said that Firearms are the last item on the list, but they are on the list. There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms.”

His memo is part of a series addressing the potential for a “financial apocalypse.” His view, however, is that the problems plaguing the country won't result in armageddon. “There is the possibility of a precipitous decline, although a long and drawn out malaise is much more likely,” said the Charlottesville, Va.-based president of Marotta Wealth Management.

UrbanMan's comment: I think it is more likely for the economic collapse to come on gradually. In fact, I think it has already started.

Marotta said that many clients fear an end-of-the-world scenario. He doesn’t agree with that outcome, but does with much of what has people worried.

“I, along with many other economists, agree with many of the concerns expressed in these dire warnings. The growing debt and deficit spending is a tax on those holding dollars. The devaluation in the U.S. dollar risks the dollar's status as the reserve currency of the world. Obamacare was the worst legislation in the past 75 years. Socialism is on the rise and the NSA really is abrogating vast portions of the Constitution. I don't disagree with their concerns,” he wrote.

In his latest note, he said that Americans should have a survival kit to take in case of a financial or natural disaster. It should be filled with items that will help them stay alive for the first 72-hours of a crisis, including firearms.

“A bug-out bag is a good idea depending on where you live even if the emergency is just power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. And with your preparedness you will be equipped to help others who might be in need,” he wrote. “Be prepared. Especially because it keeps you from being scared.”

Marotta provides a list of items on his website, with a desription of, and recommended Bug Out Bag items straight from Wikipedia.

The suggested contents of a bug-out bag vary, but most of the following are usually included:

•  Enough food and water to last for 72 hours. This includes: Water for washing, drinking and cooking. Canada recommends 2 litres per person per day for drinking plus an additional 2 litres per person per day for cleaning and hygiene.  In addition to 6litres/6kg of water for personal hygiene for 3 days the Canadian government also recommends carrying a portable shower, nail clippers, hairbrush, cosmetics, shaving gear or beard trimmer (if electric then carry a portable generator and petrol), shampoo, deodorant, acne cream, incontinence pads, a dinner suit/gown (you never know what will happen on your adventure, it could be quite exciting, maybe a new romance).

Forget trying to walk, you'll need a car because your survival backpack will be too heavy to carry. Have a nice disaster. New Zealand recommends 3 litres per person per day for drinking. US recommends 1 gallon (3.78 litres) per person per day.

•  Non-perishable food
•  Water purification supplies
•  Cooking supplies
•  A first aid kit
•  Fire starting tool (e.g., matches, ferrocerium rod, lighter, 9volt battery, etc.)
•  A disaster plan including location of emergency centers, rallying points, possible evacuation routes, etc.
•  Professional emergency literature explaining what to do in various types of disaster, studied and understood before the actual disaster but kept for reference
•  Maps and travel information •Standard camping equipment, including sanitation supplies
•  Weather appropriate clothing (e.g., poncho, headwear, gloves, etc.)
•  Bedding items such as sleeping bags and blankets
•  Enough medicine to last an extended evacuation period
•  Medical records
•  Pet, child, and elderly care needs
•  Battery or crank-operated radio
•  Lighting (battery or crank operated flashlight, glow sticks)
•  Cash and change, as electronic banking transactions may not be available during the initial period following an emergency or evacuation
•  Positive identification, such as drivers license, state I.D. card, or social security card
•  Birth certificate or passport
•  Fixed-blade and folding knife
•  Duct tape and rope or paracord
•  Plastic tarps for shelter and water collection
•  Wire for binding and animal traps
•  Compass Some users include the following.

These items are appropriate and legal in some areas:

•  Slingshot, pellet gun, blowgun or other small game hunting equipment
•  Firearms and appropriate ammunition

UrbanMan's comment: Then just when you think this guy is providing some decent type of service to people who are pretty clueles about Survival and Preping, Marotta say's this:

Just to be clear. Firearms are the last item on the list, but they are on the list. There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms . But in most disasters, including I suspect TEOTWAWKI, most people you meet will be civil.

UrbanMan's comment: Yep!! I'm banking on people being civil, listening to reason, not trying to take what I have,....and I rely on my neighbors to protect me and my family. NOT!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Off-The-Wall Survival Tricks And Tools

As we’ve covered in the past here on Listverse, there are approximately one billion ways you could die. Nuclear winter, the robopocalypse—heck, just a simple camping trip gone wrong could leave you trapped in the merciless grip of nature’s fury, with nothing but your own wits and the questionable advice of this list to get you out alive.
But to quote the wise men who have walked this fair earth in ages past, questionable advice is technically better than no advice—so here are ten unusual survival tips that could end up saving your life. And as a disclaimer, don’t actually try number three.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

What This Burglar Found in a Home Was So Heinous He Had to Call the Cops

A burglar in Spain reported a pedophile after he discovered to his horror that he had stolen a camera which contained video of the man sexually abusing children, police said.
What This Burglar Found in a Home Was So Heinous He Had to Call the Cops
(Image source: Shutterstock)
According to CNN, the appalled burglar placed the incriminating tapes in a brown envelope, hid them under a parked car and then anonymously phoned police directing to them to the evidence.
Inside was a note containing the address of the house the burglar had stolen the tapes from.
“I’ve had the misfortune of having the tapes fall into my hands, and feel obligated to present them to you so you can do your job and put him … in jail for life,” the letter said, according to NBC News.
Police visited the location and arrested a 64-year-old football coach on suspicion of child abuse, according to NBC News. At the home, police found more content depicting sexual abuse of boys, CNN added.
Authorities say the man lured children to his home and watched pornographic films with them before then sexually assaulting them. At least four victims have been identified by investigators.
According to CNN, police are still searching for the burglar “with a conscience.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Survival Items for the Modern Day Bug Out Bag


GoGen. Small portable generator.

Maybe I'm a bit behind the times being a desk-jockey now, but hadn't seen this before and thought it was a cool idea. It's a small portable generator. It's called the GoGen and is advertised as being able to charge or run a cellphone, notebook, laptop, multi volt adapters, small water heaters, rechargeable lanterns, and all other 12 volt and smaller voltage appliances and devices through the USB port or inverter directly.

GoGEN packages are available with complete accessories including a carrying back pack, 75 watt AC/DC inverter with USB port, flex light, fire starter, powerful internal 7.25 /12 volt battery, external battery hookup, 10 watt 12 volt solar panel and 1 year limited warranty.

This small 5 lb portable generator is the most versatile bang for your buck!


GOGEN- 8 1/4" high x 6" deep x 6" wide.

Weight - 7 lbs. with internal battery.

Solar panel: 14" x 11" x 1" Weight 5 lbs.

It looks like something you could put in your bug out bag.

Biolite Stove. Great little stove and uses natural fuel to boil water and even create a charge for a cell phone or other device. The heat from the fire generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan creating airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the USB port for charging devices. The Biolite stove is about the same size as a Nalgene Bottle and the specs are:

Packed Size Height 8.25 inches x Width 5 inches

Weight 33 oz (935 grams)

Fuel Renewable biomass (twigs, pinecones, wood pellets, etc.)

Fire Power Output Peak: 3.4 kW (LO), 5.5 kW (HI)

USB Power Output Max continuous: 2W @5V, Peak: 4W @5V

Compatible Devices Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones.

Charging Time iPhone 4S (2G): 20 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time. Charging times vary by device and by strength of fire.

Boil Time 4.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water. Varies based on strength of fire.

Watch the video to see it in action - another great tool for the modern Bug Out bag.

Monday, December 23, 2013

FREE: 500+ Camping Recipes (Incl 100 Dutch Oven Recipes)

FREE: 500+ Camping Recipes (Incl 100 Dutch Oven Recipes)

That’s right folks – over 500 camping recipes that also includes over 100 for Dutch ovens. Oh yeah, it’s yours for FREE down below! Many thanks to ‘Troop 26 Parkville Maryland‘.
Many of these recipes can also be cooked at home in the kitchen or on the barbecue etc. Don’t wait until the weather is nice and you go camping, to try some of these recipes. The free PDF of camping recipes would also be useful for emergency preparedness as you’ll likely end up cooking outdoors if the SHTF. Download and print out this free PDF cookbook below.
FREE: 500+ Camping Recipes (Incl 100 Dutch Oven Recipes)


Lodge L12DCO3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 8-Quart

‘Impeach Obamarama’ pranks in full swing; see photos of the merry mischief

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek
Biz Pac Review
December 22, 2013

No one expected last weekend’s national “Impeach Obamarama” nationwide movement to make any serious progress towards its goal, but the message has inspired Americans to get creative.

The effort urges people to go to their local retailer and rearrange any letters they can find to spell “impeach Obama.” Pictures have been pouring in to the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Facebook page all week, featuring creative displays arranged in hobby, craft and hardware stores.

In case you missed it, the shenanigans will continue on Dec. 21.

Here are just a few of the displays posted on the Facebook page:



Dover, Delaware
Dover, Delaware

Johns Creek, Georgia
Johns Creek, Georgia


Waterford, Conneticut
Waterford, Conneticut

Springfield, Oregon
Springfield, Oregon

Editor’s note: Here are a few more not included in the original article, and also one of St. Nick protesting Obama.

Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago, Illinois.

*Obamarama* Missouri
*Obamarama* Missouri



Sunday, December 22, 2013

China rejects US corn on fears over genetic modification

Grains of corn in the palm of a hand China's Ministry of Agriculture has begun a publicity campaign in support of GM foods

China has rejected 545,000 tons of imported US corn found to contain an unapproved genetically modified strain.

An unapproved strain called MIR162 was found in 12 batches of corn, China's product safety agency said.

China backs genetically modified crops to increase food production, but has faced opposition from critics who question their safety.

The agency called on US authorities to tighten controls to ensure unapproved strains are not sent to China.

China allowed its first imports of a genetically modified crop, soybeans, in 1997. Authorities are trying to develop others that produce bigger yields or can resist insects without use of pesticides.

China has already approved 15 varieties of genetically-modified corn for imports and MIR162 is awaiting approval.

"The safety evaluation process [for MIR162] has not been completed and no imports are allowed at the moment before the safety certificate is issued," said China's vice agricultural minister, Niu Dun.

The Ministry of Agriculture has recently launched a publicity campaign to allay concerns over GM foods and says the criticisms are unfounded.

The first batch of corn was rejected in November after authorities detected MIR162.



More Expanded TSA Powers?

Ken sent me this article and asked me "Is this Obama's National Police like he promised in 2008? I read your article on the TSA and it is very likely we are seeing only the tip of the coming iceberg. You WILL see armed TSA at airports and related facilities, AMTRAK train stations, bus depots and in many harbors. Not enough TSA agents to go around? I think you'll see the Obama Administration and their Senate allies putting amendments in the next immigration bill to hire more TSA agents. I predict another 20,000. While you and most of your followers are prepping to survive some type of economically oriented collapse or disaster, I am preparing to survive the total collapse of this country that will come after a martial law type scenario where the government first uses TSA and other feds then maybe the military to enforce a dictatorship. "

UrbanMan Replies: Ken, I am not discounting expansion of federal law enforcement or the "security guard" type agencies like TSA for some type of plan to be used for nefarious purposes. It's just that an economical collapse which will spark a societal collapse then probably a martial law scenario is much more likely. But even with all the active duty military, and federal law enforcement (FBI, DHS, DEA, etc.) there will no be enough troops to secure anything but a few large metro areas and essential facilities. But I'm with you that arming and expanding TSA powers are a bad idea.            

Read More:

American Survivalist: Walmart SELLS OUT of ‘Duck Dynasty’ merchandise in...

American Survivalist: Walmart SELLS OUT of ‘Duck Dynasty’ merchandise in...: Michele Kirk bizpacreview.com December 22, 2013 The pressure is mounting on Walmart to comment on the “ Duck Dynasty ” controversy th...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Recipe Friday: Creamy Marinara Soup

Brrr it is cold outside and when the weather is like this there is nothing more warming from the top of your head to the tip of your toes than a pot of hot, steaming delicious soup. It just hits the spot.  So, today I am double dog daring you to make this soup and not drool over it!  Make sure you have some crusty French bread to serve with it.  And YES it can most certainly be made with shelf-stable foods including powdered sour cream, cream cheese, powdered whipping cream (that you can get at any regular grocery store) and whole powdered milk using only 2/3rds liquid that the instructions call for to replace the half and half.
Hint:  If you add some candlelight and a nice salad with your favorite romance music playing you have just turned your "crisis" into a luxury moment!
Creamy Marinara Soup
1 jar of Classico 4-cheese sauce
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup of half and half
1 cup sour cream
Just dump all of the ingredients in a saucepan and warm through on medium high heat.
Before anyone complains yes, we realize this is not the healthiest, but it is DANG good.

Read more at http://www.preparednesspro.com/recipe-friday-creamy-marinara-soup#jWMZ9q1LWD14Xtos.99

American Survivalist: New Facebook Page: Boycott A&E, Support Free Speec...

American Survivalist: New Facebook Page: Boycott A&E, Support Free Speec...: I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com December 20,...

American Survivalist: Libs Take Jesus Out of Christmas

American Survivalist: Libs Take Jesus Out of Christmas: Infowars.com December 20, 2013 Maybe they should call it Paganmas. Or consumermas. Or exclude “mas” altogether because Christmas is of c...

Just How Many Americans Are Standing With Phil Robertson? Inside the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Support Movement

Furor continues over Phil Robertson’s suspension from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” with the family breaking its silence on Thursday to say that the show might not go on without the patriarch’s involvement.
With uncertainty abounding, the “I Stand With Phil” movement continues to build, as hundreds of thousands of Christian consumers and free speech advocates urge the network to rethink its decision.
Faith Driven Consumer, a project that rates just how “faith-friendly” popular retailers are, has taken center stage in the debate, launching IStandWithPhil.com, a website devoted to convincing A&E that reinstating Robertson is the right thing to do.
TheBlaze interviewed founder Chris Stone to learn more about his goals in forging the effort.
“A&E is eliminating the viewpoints of their Christian audience, and we stepped in to provide an opportunity for Faith Driven Consumers to be heard by A&E, and to claim their place in the American rainbow of diversity,” Stone told TheBlaze.
Read more:

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The Ten Most Deadly Places To Live In America

You may not realize you’re close to danger, crime, natural disaster, or some combination of forces out of your control.

If you live in any of these cities you may need to take some preventative measure and get ready for what’s coming.


Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies

It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan

If there has ever been a speech that everyone needs to see regarding Obama’s plan to take our guns. This is the one!
In this clip we see an army vet that serves as a police officer speak to the motion to repeal the ‘Safe’ act at the Dutchess County Legislature New York State.
His name is Aaron Weiss and he has quite a bit say. At some points he even tears up. It isn’t until he speaks on his friend’s passing away in war that his emotions get the best of him.
We love what this young man has to say to the administration and their plans for disarming our citizens!
Watch the video below:


Shop Amazon - Up to 45 Off Streamlight Flashlights

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Cinder Block Rocket Stove

Easy 6 block and 4 block DIY Rocket Stove using cinder blocks
Quick video >>http://youtu.be/QSKj3xYe3T8 


23 Items Under $5 That Can Save Your Life

If you are a casual reader of prepping and survival books, or you watch TV shows like Doomsday Preppers etc, you’ll probably think that you have to spend $1000s on disaster preparedness and survival gear and supplies…
The thing is if you are clever, knowledgeable and creative you can effectively prepare for an uncertain future on a shoestring budget. For example, check out the post below which lists 23 items to stock up on, which could all save your life in certain situations.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Oatmeal in a Jar: Faster (and Healthier) than McDonald’s

Oatmeal in a Jar
  • Pour dry rolled oats (not instant) into a canning jar to the halfway point. I don’t care what size canning jar you use. A half-pint jar will make one serving; a pint jar will make two servings; and a quart will make four servings. You choose what will work best for your situation.
  • Add a handful of extras if you’d like: chopped nuts, flax seeds, dried fruit…whatever suits your fancy.
  • Add a bit of honey or maple syrup or brown sugar. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Pour boiling water into the jar to the bottom of the threads. Screw on lid and invert the jar a couple of times to mix the water with the dry ingredients. Let the jar sit on your counter while you finish getting ready for work or school. Or tuck it into your bag and take it with you for breakfast at your desk. Wherever you let it rest, in 15 minutes it will be ready to eat. Add a little butter or milk if you like.


Win These Buck Knives!

Who wants to win these two Buck Knives just in time for Christmas? Winner will be drawn December 14th. Click Here to Register NOW ---> http://woobox.com/u9kgze

Our good friends at Wired Outdoors are celebrating going over 300,000 fans and saying thank you. Click Here to Register NOW ---> http://woobox.com/u9kgze

Bet You Didn't Know And That: Bet you didn't know these facts about coke

Bet You Didn't Know And That: Bet you didn't know these facts about coke:

Bet you guys never knew these facts


Sunday, December 8, 2013

How To Calculate Remaining Daylight

Remaining Daylight on Your Fingers | Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. Each finger is equivalent to 15 minutes, with each hand totaling an hour. When the sun dips low enough that only 2 hands fit. It's time to search for a suitable campsite and assemble a shelter. (A caveat: if you're near the poles, the sun will hover over the horizon for a longer period of time, giving you an innaccurate reading.)


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ex-Official Says FBI Can Secretly Activate an Individual’s Webcam Without the Indicator Light Turning On

The FBI can secretly activate a computer’s webcam to spy on an individual without turning on the indicator light, a former official revealed to the Washington Post in an article published Friday.
According to the Washington Post’s account of what Marcus Thomas — former assistant director of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division in Quantico — said, “The FBI has been able to covertly activate a computer’s camera — without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording — for several years, and has used that technique mainly in terrorism cases or the most serious criminal investigations.”
“Because of encryption and because targets are increasingly using mobile devices, law enforcement is realizing that more and more they’re going to have to be on the device — or in the cloud,” Thomas added, in reference to remote storage services. “There’s the realization out there that they’re going to have to use these types of tools more and more.”
TheBlaze has previously reported on hackers using remote access tools to activate an individual’s webcam and spy on them.
This post has been updated to reflect that Thomas is an ex-FBI official.
(H/T: Gizmodo)

Colonel Who Vowed To Disarm Americans Works With Homeland Security

Oath-violating Bateman also made veiled death threats against blogger

Paul Joseph Watson
December 6, 2013

Image: Col. Robert Bateman (CapitalLinkWorld.com). Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, the second amendment-hating Army Officer who caused controversy after vowing to “pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers,” works closely with the Department of Homeland Security. Earlier this week, Bateman, an active military commander, penned a piece for Esquire magazine in which he promised to push for a total ban on all firearms besides muskets, shotguns and rifles, and shut down all gun manufacturers except for those who produced weapons for the federal government and the armed forces (you will be disarmed, the state will have a monopoly on firepower). Bateman is president and founder of Alliance Defense Marketing Associates LLC, a “global premier risk management” firm that does work for the DHS. According to the company’s website, part of the services offered by the firm include, “Homeland Security operational initiatives.” According to Bateman’s official LinkedIn page, he also personally specializes in “Defense/Homeland Security/Law Enforcement operational initiatives.” That’s ironic given that while Bateman is lecturing the American people about their gun rights, the DHS is simultaneously buying assault riflesand acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. Critics contend that Bateman’s revulsion for the second amendment (which he woefully misinterprets) “proves he knows nothing about the Constitution he swore an oath to defend.” Bateman’s promise to “pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers” was an inflammatory reference to his advocacy for making it illegal for guns on his imaginary blacklist to be inherited. “I am willing to wait until you die, hopefully of natural causes,” wrote Bateman. Later in the article, Bateman says disarming the American people is all about encouraging “less violence and death,” although such sentiments weren’t evident when he became embroiled in an argument with a blogger which ended up with the Colonel making a thinly veiled death threat. The argument concerned a former senior female Human Terrain Team (HTT) member who was allegedly subjected to a death threat by an active duty lieutenant at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. After Bateman engaged in “ad hominem attacks” against Maximilian Forte, the blogger who posted the story, and was subsequently banned, he resorted to a veiled death threat of his own. “And I apologize for the future. Not really my fault. But I am sorry nonetheless,” wrote Bateman. “You apologize for the future. It was worth approving your message just so that others can see the veiled threat,” responded Forte. Bateman repeated the threat in a subsequent post when he remarked, “And again, Max, truly, I am sorry for your future.” Bateman’s thinly veiled death threats reveal him to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, someone who claims to be all about reducing violence yet resorts to barely disguised rhetorical threats of violence against his ideological adversaries. It seems abundantly clear that it is Bateman who has a problem with violence and is most likely a danger to himself and those around him. It is therefore Bateman, and not the American people, who should be disarmed. Feel free to politely email Col. Bateman and let him know what you think about his views on the second amendment.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American Survivalist: Liberals in state of shock as they realize free he...

American Survivalist: Liberals in state of shock as they realize free he...: PF Louis Natural News October 13, 2013 Finally, though too late, the chickens have come home to roost for many Obama supporters and apo...

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American Survivalist: 9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The U....: Zero Hedge Oct. 19, 2013 While 20-year highs for the CNY may be enough for many to question the USD’s ongoing reserve status, it is clea...

Bacon and Eggs : How to DehydratePotatoes

Bacon and Eggs : How to DehydratePotatoes: This picture from left to right.... Dried Okra, Dried Diced Potato's, Dried Tomato's I was asked if I could explain the drying a...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

ALERT!... FEMA Region III... Is FEMA Preparing for 'Something' BIG?

This is pretty creepy... According to a notice sent by Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, Ret. of South Dakota State and published, with a video, which will be shown below, titled “Emergency Fema Region 3 Alert!!!” The government obviously believes something big is coming. ~ Susan Duclos - Video

FEMA Region map-fema-region3-districtsIII includes, DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.

The preparations listed include; Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st;
$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC;
FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st;
FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st;
FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st;
2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st;


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tick Repellent

It's summer! Time for camping, hiking and getting outside to play. Don't let those pesky annoying ticks stop you. Here's how with a simple homemade solution!

Repellent for your pets:

For pets, add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle, followed by 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. Ticks hate the smell and taste of vinegar, and will be easily be repelled by this ingredient alone. Then, add two spoonfuls of vegetable or almond oil, which both contain sulfur (another natural tick repellent).

To make a repellent that will also deter fleas, mix in a few spoonfuls of lemon juice, citrus oil, or peppermint oil, any of which will repel ticks and fleas while also creating a nicely scented repellent. Spray onto the pet's dry coat, staying away from sensitive areas including eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. When outdoors for an extended period, spray this solution on two to three times per day.

For you and your family:

In a spray bottle, mix 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of water. To make a scented solution so you do not smell like bitter vinegar all day, add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil is a calm, soothing scent that also works as a tick repellent, while peppermint and citrus oils give off a strong crisp scent that also repel ticks.

After mixing the solution, spray onto clothing, skin, and hair before going outdoors. Reapply every four hours to keep ticks at bay, and examine your skin and hair when back inside to make sure no ticks are on the body.

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It's summer! Time for camping, hiking and getting outside to play. Don't let those pesky annoying ticks stop you. Here's how with a simple homemade solution!

Repellent for your pets:

For pets, add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle, followed by 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. Ticks hate the smell and taste of vinegar, and will be easily be repelled by this ingredient alone. Then, add two spoonfuls of vegetable or almond oil, which both contain sulfur (another natural tick repellent).
To make a repellent that will also deter fleas, mix in a few spoonfuls of lemon juice, citrus oil, or peppermint oil, any of which will repel ticks and fleas while also creating a nicely scented repellent. Spray onto the pet's dry coat, staying away from sensitive areas including eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. When outdoors for an extended period, spray this solution on two to three times per day.

For you and your family:

In a spray bottle, mix 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of water. To make a scented solution so you do not smell like bitter vinegar all day, add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil is a calm, soothing scent that also works as a tick repellent, while peppermint and citrus oils give off a strong crisp scent that also repel ticks.

After mixing the solution, spray onto clothing, skin, and hair before going outdoors. Reapply every four hours to keep ticks at bay, and examine your skin and hair when back inside to make sure no ticks are on the body.
Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Lockback Folding Knife

How to Extract Mint Oil from Mint Leaves

How to Extract Mint Oil from Mint Leaves


Mint is a popular herb for gardens, aromatherapy and cooking. Not only is the aroma known to relieve headaches, respiratory problems and stomach aches, it also works great as a massage oil, astringent or infused oil to drizzle on food. You can extract oil from mint in your own kitchen by infusing the leaves in another oil medium, such as olive or almond oil, to be used as a topical oil.

Step 1

Set up a double boiler on your stove top, making sure the bottom pan has sufficient water to boil for an hour. Pour 1 to 2 cups of olive or almond oil into the top pot of the double boiler.

Step 2

Drop 1 cup of crushed, dried, unwashed, de-stemmed mint leaves into the oil. Keep the heat on low to medium low.

Step 3

Heat the oil in the double boiler for at least one hour for average potency. For stronger infusions, continue to heat the oil for another hour. Add water to the bottom pot if necessary.

Step 4

Turn off the burner when you are satisfied with the infusion and let the oil cool down. Pour it through a strainer so the mint leaves are taken out of the mint oil.

Step 5

Pour the oil into a jar or bottle to use for massage, cooking, aromatherapy a salve or therapeutic oil.

Read more: How to Extract Mint Oil from Mint Leaves | Garden Guides http://www.gardenguides.com/99873-extract-mint-oil-mint-leaves.html#ixzz2YYVfIC3r

Mint Leaves / Fresh - 0.75oz bag

Spicy World Crushed Mint Leaves, 3.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

by John Rossomando  •  Jan 3, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Friday, May 17, 2013

Robbers Shove Homeowner In Closet, Where He Kept His Guns

Another pro-Second Amendment story the national media dare not touch
Paul Joseph Watson
May 17, 2013
In yet another pro-Second Amendment story that the national media dare not touch, a homeowner in Sharpstown, Houston was assaulted by three robbers who broke into his house and shut him in a closet – unaware that the closet was where he kept his guns.

With the homeowner thinking the three men had left, he exited the closet armed and proceeded to walk downstairs, before confronting one of the burglars and exchanging shots.
The homeowner was unharmed but the wounded robber stumbled outside and collapsed onto the floor, where he was watched by Neighbor Craig Gaddis who had heard the gunfire. The other two men fled the scene.
Neighbors said that the area had been plagued by a spate of recent robberies. The wounded suspect was hospitalized and the homeowner faces no charges for defending his property.
“Guess what? The owner had a gun,” Gaddis told local ABC 13 news. “He did exactly what he was supposed to do — with the gun, that’s what they’re made for — protect his home.”
This is precisely the kind of story, reflecting the Second Amendment in a positive light in stopping a crime, that happens routinely but is rarely if ever mentioned by the national media, which instead only obsesses about guns when they are used in the commission of a crime.
You won’t see Piers Morgan inviting this homeowner on CNN for an interview, nor will you see this story receive any attention at the national level.
Back in March we reported on the story of a Texas boy who watched his sister and mother being raped during a home invasion by two men who later abandoned a plan to murder the three victims because the boy was able to grab a handgun and send the two individuals fleeing – another incident that received zero national attention.
As a recent study reported on by the LA Times highlighted, while tragedies such as the Aurora shootings and the Sandy Hook massacre have been exploited by gun control advocates to push for new laws to disarm Americans, actual gun crime has in fact plunged. This hasn’t translated to opinion polls of American citizens, who because of contrived, media-manufactured perceptions believe that gun crime has risen.
“In less than two decades, the gun murder rate has been nearly cut in half. Other gun crimes fell even more sharply, paralleling a broader drop in violent crimes committed with or without guns,” states the report.
Despite these figures, a recent Pew Research Center poll found that more than half of Americans erroneously believed that gun crime was on the increase.
According to a 1993 National Self- Defense Survey conducted by Gary Kleck, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Americans use guns to defend themselves against a confrontation with a criminal up to 2.5 million times a year. This means that every day in America some 6,800 people use guns to protect themselves.
Scholars Clayton E. Cramer and David Burnett have documented how “a great number of tragedies — murders, rapes, assaults, robberies — have been thwarted by self-defense gun uses.”
However, only a fraction of those cases ever make the local news and barely any at all make the national news.
In addition, as gun ownership has increased in the United States, crime has gone down, as the video below explains using the latest FBI crime statistics.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Police State Raids Family’s Home: “The Fight Has Officially Been Brought To My Front Door”


If you think we are free, think again!! This should be a warning that we are being watched on the Internet and it will be a matter of time before this comes to YOUR front door. When certified firearms instructor Shawn Moore posted a photo of his 11 year-old son on Facebook the last thing he expected was a SWAT style raid on his home. The picture showed his son, a licensed hunter, holding his new birthday gift, a .22 caliber rifle.

While Moore’s son proudly displaying his semi-automatic personal defense rifle was completely legal, an anonymous tipster contacted New Jersey’s Department of Children and Family Services and declared that the Moore family was neglecting and abusing their child, an unfounded accusation that led to the mobilization of local police who were apparently not at all concerned with the unconstitutionality of their actions which violated numerous protections of the Moore family including their right to bear arms, their right to be secure in their homes, their right to speak freely, and their right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
Of critical importance is that the police who raided the Moore home never even saw the photo.


“It was all hear say. Just a phone call saying someone saw a pic of a child holding a gun,” reports Moore.
Shawn Moore recounted the incident at the Delaware Open Carry forums:
The fight has officially been brought to my front door.
Last night I was out with a buddy of mine. I got a text from my wife that the cops and DYFS [Division of Youth and Family Services] are at the house and they wanna check out my guns and needed me to open my safe.
I’m instantly on my way. I get in contact with [attorney] Evan Nappen on the way. I explain the situation.
I walk in my house and hand the phone to the first cop I see. Then direct all of them outside. DYFS got a call because of a pic of my son holding a gun.
They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered.
Obviously that didn’t go well because I refused.
I had Nappen on speaker phone the entire time so they had to deal with both of us. They kept trying to pressure me to open my safe. They had no warrant, no charges, nothing.
I didn’t budge.
I was told I was being “unreasonable” and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe. Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told em go ahead.
Nappen (my lawyer) asked me for the DYFS workers name. She wouldn’t give it. I asked for credentials and she wouldn’t show them. I tried to take a pic of her and she turned around real fast and walked away.
After a while of them threatening to take my kids, get warrants and intimidation they left. Empty handed and seeing nothing.
People it can happen that fast.
Police and Family Services overstepped their bounds when they illegally entered this man’s home, demanded he open his gun safe, and threatened to take away his children because of an anonymous tip based on absolutely zero evidence.
This is the world in which we now find ourselves, where an American exercising his right to bear arms is considered suspicious simply because he refuses to give up his Constitutionally protected rights.
If you resist in any form or fashion you are immediately considered a criminal or terrorist.
The government and its storm troopers will continue to act brazenly, violating the rights of Americans until they are held accountable. As citizens, we are left with no other choice than to resist the tyranny and fight back, just as Shawn Moore did when they came for his guns AND his children. We can do this by understanding the laws of the land, and by documenting every interaction with officials of the government, who will stop at nothing to pursue their agenda and stroke their own egos.
They will come to each of our front doors, and when they do, we must resist. We must fight back with every tool our Founding Fathers afforded us.



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

How To Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap (Super effective & it keeps catching mice, one after another without intervention)

Now I am generally a live and let live kind of guy, but when you have vermin invading your home and getting in around your kids and food, you just have to do something about it…
The the three main problems with the conventional spring loaded mouse traps are: when they work, they only work once before needing resetting; they often don’t work but the bait is gone; and when they do work, they kill (many folks prefer a more peaceful solution).
With the self-resetting mouse trap in the video above, all of these problems are solved! It can catch mouse after mouse after mouse, without intervention. It’s very effective and if you want to catch and release, just don’t put any water in the bucket to drown the mice.
Very simple, very cheap and very effective. Also, on a much larger scale (I’m thinking 55 gallon drum), I can’t see why this can’t be replicated for rats, but you WOULD need to put the water in, to stop them jumping out.


Gun Owners Get A Discount

Gun owners get a discount at Va. pizza shop

Open Carry

This is awesome and needs to go viral. Small business owners who support Second Amendment rights have a say in this fight.
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — A Virginia Beach pizza shop owner is showing his support for firearm rights by giving gun owners a 15 percent discount.

The discount is given to anyone who brings a gun or concealed handgun permit to All Around Pizzas and Deli.
Owner Jay Laze tells news media outlets that he’d planned on offering the discount for a limited time. But he says the response has been overwhelming and he might make it permanent.
Since the discount began last Friday, Laze says 80 percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop. He says one customer came in with an AK-47.
Laze is a gun owner and says he’s always been a supporter of the right to carry firearms.

Associated Press


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Several Major Gun Manufacturers Refusing Business With Law Enforcement in New York

Several Major Gun Manufacturers Refusing Business With Law Enforcement in New York

The general feeling amongst several gun manufacturers in the Empire State is that, if lawmakers are going to disarm law abiding citizens then they are going to limit the ability of law enforcement and government officials to obtain their products as well.

Olympic Arms is not only halting sales of their weapons to law enforcement, but they’re demanding repeal of the law and an apology to the American people.
The latest update has six major weapons manufacturers joining the boycott.
Breitbart has a portion of each companies statements in regards to anti-gun legislation, including Larue Tactical, Olympic Arms, York Arms, EFI, Templar Custom, and Cheaper Than Dirt.
The most compelling statement in my view comes from York Arms, which simply ends with a statement to government customers – “Your orders have been cancelled”.
"Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York. As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.
For “civilian” customers residing in New York:
At your choice, we will:
  • complete your order and ship to a dealer of your choice outside of NY
  • refund your payment in full
  • hold your items here for up to 6 months, at no charge – if you are in the process of leaving NY and taking residence in another state.
For LE/Govt customers in New York:
  • Your orders have been cancelled."

Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

Note: You can download this pdf file created by the Center for Food Safety that provides guidelines for buying non-GMO foods in your local stores. This tells you what you can eat that is not GMO contaminated.
Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12 Homemade Bread Recipes – Never Buy Bread Again

12 Homemade Bread Recipes - Never Buy Bread Again

Baking your own bread is at the heart of homesteading and self-sufficiency. Bread is one of our main sources of carbohydrates, it is a cornerstone of most of our diets and nothing beats the taste and smell of freshly baked bread.

If you bake your own bread, or want to start, you really need to head over to Common Sense Homesteading and check out their 12 great bread recipes. There is everything from basic sandwich bread to sour-dough bread and even potato bread. This is really a page worth bookmarking and coming back to over and over.

12 Homemade Bread Recipes – Never Buy Bread Again