Thursday, January 24, 2013

Disaster Prep and Emergency Preparedness in 7 Simple Steps

Disaster Prep and Emergency Preparedness in 7 Simple Steps

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who say they just can’t wrap their heads around disaster prep and emergency preparedness. It all seems so overwhelming – there’s so much to do… I mean really, where do you even start?
Let me start by saying ‘I totally get it’.  It took me til just this past spring to finally get serious about emergency readiness.  Now I’m confident we can look after ourselves for an extended period, but it definitely wasn’t always that way.  I found it overwhelming, too.
But with all the natural disasters in the news, I got to thinking about all those people who haven’t done any prepping.  Maybe that’s you?  So I thought I’d put together a few simple ways we can make our families more secure in case of emergency.  These are easy, low-effort and often low-cost ways to secure access to clean water and safe food for at least a few days.
If you haven’t put together your emergency kit yet, I invite you to get at least these 7 simple things done.  You’ll feel good knowing you’ve begun preparing your family, and you’ll be inspired to go further once you see how easy it really is.

Read more:  http://modernhomesteading.ca/blog/7-simple-steps-to-disaster-prep-and-emergency-preparedness

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