Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY - Make Your Own Little Greenhouse

How to Make a Free Greenhouse

Part of becoming self-reliant is having the ability to grow your own food. Gardening is an enjoyable way to supply your family with healthy vegetables without spending money at the grocery store. I say having your own garden is healthier because you have the choice to not use genetically modified seeds or pesticides. Having a greenhouse enables you to begin your gardening venture from seeds earlier in the year.

Items you will need include an empty plastic container like a 2-liter bottle, duct tape, scissors, drill, dirt, and an optional planter cup. The optional cup makes it easier to transplant the plant into your garden.

The first step is to empty and clean the bottle. After the bottle is clean, drill at least 6 small holes into the bottom of your bottle. This helps the dirt breath and also allows the bottle to drain. Next, you will use the scissors to carefully cut the bottle in half. Leave a 1-inch section intact so that the bottle has a hinge. See below:

Now you can fill the bottle halfway with dirt. Do not fill above the line where you cut the bottle. If you use a planter cup, then you can add this to the bottle at this time as well. When the dirt and planter cup are level, moisten the dirt with a little bit of water.

The final step is to plant your seed in the moistened dirt. After planting the seed, you will close the bottle up and seal it shut with some duct tape. Be sure to water and watch your little seeds start sprouting.

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