Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY - Make Your Own Vinegar

Learn To Make Your Own Vinegar From Scratch

Here's an excerpt from a blog article I found on how to make your own vinegar:
Fortunately, you’ll find this process relatively simple. Time is your friend mixed in with the occasional, brief tending steps. The vinegar making process uses the similar fermentation process as used in winemaking—in fact, technically speaking, you’ll pass the “wine” stage by the time you get to the finished vinegar product.  This is why you’ll find that the “cooking wines” offered commercially strongly resemble the smell of flavored vinegars. It’s also why I giggle a little bit when I have friends who are horrified when I use a little cooking wine in my cooking. If they only knew that a finished dish that uses wine in it has the same finished result that you get when you use vinegar. The alcohol is burned off in cooking and it ferments out during the vinegar making process. The key flavor that you end up with in the vinegar making process is the acetic acid. (ranging from 5 to 18%) tartaric acid and citric acid.
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