Friday, January 4, 2013

Home Invasion Point Of View From Anti-Gun Population

Curious to hear points of view on Home Invasions from Anti-Gun population

My only reasons for keeping firearms are for home defense, and some range practice. Let's not argue over what kind of firearms should and should not be legal to keep in the home. That's not my interest here. What I am interested in is the psychology behind keeping a firearm for defense, versus not.

Home invasions are a real threat. In my head, I cannot even imagine the terror of a middle of the night break-in. My family is here. This is our castle. What would I do? It might be a reasonable invader that may simply tie us up and take our replaceable things, or it might be a mad man out for blood or rape. How do I plan for that? I plan for the worse.

Now for you folks that don't have a plan. Is it that you are not worried about it? Think it will never happen? Will deal with it peacfully somehow? Is it simply a matter of principal that guns, no matter what, should not be in the home? How do you rationalize not being able to defend?


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