Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reusing Old Coffee Containers

Reusing Old Coffee Containers

If you are like me, it is difficult to throw away those big plastic coffee cans. They look so darn useful, that it would be a waste to pitch them. Thankfully, I have found a use that makes my prepping a little more efficient and cost effective.

Oatmeal packets have become one of my food storage staples because they are tasty and cheap. The shelf life is typically around a year and a half after purchase which is long enough for me because I rotate constantly. However, I know that by limiting the oxygen and keeping the temperature constant I can extend the shelf life substantially. Scientists at Brigham Young University found stored 28 year old oats which were still perfectly edible. The story can be found here. I do not believe my storage idea will guarantee edible oats in 28 years, but I do believe they will be edible far longer than a year and a half from now.

I limit the oxygen by removing the individual packets from the box and placing them in a gallon storage bag. Including an oxygen absorber or using a food sealer is even better for long term storage purposes. I then place the bag in the coffee can which will limit the light and also limit the oxygen even more with the 'Flavor Seal' lid.

Obviously, your coffee cans can be used to store any food item you would like. I chose to store my oatmeal because the packets fit nicely into the containers. What do you do with your coffee containers?

Stay always prepared!


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