Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Charge Your Phone With a 9V Battery

I feel stupid for not even knowing or seeing this life hack until now. I have many of these batteries just laying around. I haven’t needed a 9v battery in years.
This works well (I just tried it) my new iPhone 6 plus went from 2% to 11% in 16 mins. Not to shabby, huh? I wouldn’t go around charging your phone using this method on a daily basis but in an emergency or a no other choice situation this is a great alternative way to charge your cell phone.
Simply place the end of the car charger into the positive (+) end of the battery, and use a key to bridge the gap between the metal piece on the side and the negative (-) end of the battery. You can hold it in place, or use the tape to hold it all together if you wish.
Plug your cell phone, camera, or whatever else you would want to charge into the car charger, and voila — power.
Check out the video from the crazy Russian hacker below:


Solar Chargers:

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