Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Over 20 Methods To Make Fire

Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar
No joke ... it has been done! Here's how!
A Wildwood Survival exclusive - featured on Mythbusters (but it was here they got the idea)

  • Fire by Cans, Part II
    Further explorations of "Fire from a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar"

  • Fire From Ice!
    Yes, it is possible! See it here!
  • Fire from Water!Yup, no kidding! Thanks to Rob Bicevskis for this!
  • Materials
    Information about what meterials to use to make fire-making equipment
  • Bow DrillThe old standby. Uses a bow to spin a drill on a second piece of wood, creating friction and heat.
  • Hand DrillThe same principle as a bow drill, but with the hands spinning the drill.
  • Pump DrillHarder to construct than a bowdrill, but a lot less work to use.
  • Fire Boards
    These are what seats the drill at the bottom in the "drill-type" fire making methods.
  • Fire Piston
    A  rather unique method of making fire that relies on air heating up under compression..
  • Fire Plow
    Not just a tropical alternative! See pictures and a movie of this using native materials in Ontario. Also one from Arizona.
  • Fire Saw
    Pictures and movies of this bamboo-based fire-making method
  • Flint-and-Steel
    Info, pictures & a movie of a flint-and-steel set making fire
  • Reflectors
    Mirrors, etc.
  • Magnifiers
    Magnifying lenses, including fire from a light bulb!
  • Two Stones
    Starting fire using just two stones
  • Spontaneous Combustion
    Oil-soaked rags and the like
  • Lava
    The easiest one of all, if you happen to be near a liquid lava flow!
  • Carbide
    Not really a primitive method, but here it is
  • Magnesium & Ferrocerium
    An easy but non-primitive fire starter you can buy in any outdoor store
  • Batteries
    It's actually quite easy to make fire using a small flashlight battery or two
  • Other fire-making methods
    Miscellaneous other methods
  • Something's burning in the kitchen
    Experimentations by Rob Bicevskis

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